Vivienne Pooley

Vivienne began her career in painting in The Lake District where she acquired her deep love of mountains and wild places. Here she developed her artistic skills to portray this in paint. Encouraged by family and local artists she began exhibiting with the prestigious Lake Artists’ Society.

In 1971 Vivienne gained her degree in Design (Printed Textile) at Manchester College of Art. After a few years intermission to have a family she resumed her career with renewed vigour and is now a professional watercolour painter.

Vivienne delights in depicting the moods and seasons of nature as it affects the landscape, and is continually inspired by the changing light, colours, texture and form. Equally she revels in the continuing challenge of the watercolour medium.

She is a member of the British Watercolour Society, and the North Wales Watercolour Society, and still exhibits with the Lake Artists in Cumbria.