Lin Pattullo

Born 1949. Lin Pattullo is one of Scotland’s most successful artists who exhibits her work regularly in galleries throughout Scotland, in London, and the west of England. Lin attended classes at Glasgow School of Art to translate her inherent drawing abilities into paint. Thereafter she developed her own style, and applies it to subjects that she identifies in the UK and abroad. She now lives in Perthshire.

Bright colours and the interaction of light and shade are important ingredients in her work, as is the selection of subjects which catch her imagination – these range from portraits of children on ski slopes or at the seaside, through the peace and curves of little boats at anchor, to scenes of sunny Mediterranean (and even Scottish) villages.

She is an elected member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists (GSWA) and the Paisley Art Institute (PAI). She has exhibited many times at the Royal Glasgow of Fine Arts (RGI) and the Royal Scottish Academy. She holds the Lauder Award at the GSWA, the Neville Award at the PAI and the J Trever & Webster Award at the RGI. Her work is in private and corporate collections including the Dunfermline Building Society, MacRoberts – Solicitors and HRH Prince Charles.