Jim Nicholson

Jim Nicholson was born on 21st December 1924 in Otley, Yorkshire. His father was a banker and he had Scottish descent through his mother who was a Graham.

Jim Nicholson was a man of enthusiasms. He visited St Kilda; many of his paintings were of that world-renowned archipelago, and Trust work there always had his special interest. While being a full-time artist by then, he was also a keen hill walker which enabled him to gain access to other remote parts of Scotland, particularly the North-West and Hebridean Islands. His watercolours were informed by his knowledge of the terrain and influenced by his deep affection for the great unspoiled and its flora and fauna.

Since the 1970’s Jim had held over 40 one man exhibitions throughout Scotland and in London, his work being in great deamnd. Many of his paintings are in public and private collections in America, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Japan, South Africa and New Zealand, and throughout Britain, including that of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Jim died in Edinburgh in July 1996 at the ageof 71.