Fred Stott

Fred Stott was born in Berwick in 1910. He was interested in art in his school days and was influenced by the local Scottish painter Frank Wood to whom his work has often been compared.

Fred Stott possessed an extraordinary talent. He did not hold any formal qualifications in art but had read numerous books on landscape painting and had personally studied the various styles of many artists.

One thing that immediately strikes you about a Fred Stott painting is the soft, almost luminous quality of his skies and water. He used a technique where he first painted the background by initially putting on one colour and then appying another using a very wet brush, the result of this is that the colours blur and blend together. This is what he termed as “painting wet onto wet”. Once this has dried he added definition such as trees and buildings. He preferred to use a rough water-colour paper because, due to better water absorption, it gives a softer overall effect.

Fred Stott died in 2006.